June 12, 2017

Kono Oto Tomare [Chapter 58 - New Year]

A female reporter is gesturing towards the shrine where people are visiting for the hatsumode [first shrine visit for the New Year]. At the side of an old building, there is a gang talking among themselves. Someone asks isn’t there way too many people today.

The other says that it is because today is New Year’s Eve. The guy is puzzled so the other berates him for being stupid that he didn’t know about it. “After today, the year will be over.” Another guy muses isn’t there still around 1 minute left in this year.

One of the guys calls out to Udzuki and Chika to tell them that this guy is so stupid that he doesn’t know the date today. The other guy shouts that he talks too much. Udzuki, the hooded guy beside bruise-faced Chika, laughs and says that it doesn’t have anything to do with them, right?
Chika says that he’s indifferent to it. Udzuki laughs and says but then, everyone is like idiots celebrating New Year and it’s so ridiculous. In front of the camera, the reporter calls out to everyone that they’ll do the countdown as they prepare to welcome the New Year.

Udzuki says that even if New Year arrives, there is also no change except it’s just going one step closer to death. The reporter and others finishes the countdown and shouts ‘Happy New Year’!!! Chika says isn’t that worth celebrating.

“It is worth celebrating for a shitty life that is moving one step towards death.” Udzuki smiles and says yes, he’s right. Then, Chika wakes up because of his ringing cellphone. He angrily grabs the phone and shouts that it’s noisy to death so who is it so early in the morning.
He looks at his koto club chat room and sees Kouta’s messages. Koto is asking if everyone can go out right now. Chika sits up and says that it’s Kouta. Sane writes that they made a plan yesterday ^^b Michi writes that they originally wanted to go to hatsumode with everyone but because there are so many people, they’ll go to some other place.

Hiro replies that she can go. Kouta posts some happy stickers. Hiro says that she’ll send a text to inform Satowa. Chika grumbles that it is one after the other and they’re so high so early in the morning, annoying to death... Then, he recalls what Udzuki saying before.

He said that everyone is like idiots celebrating New Year and it’s so ridiculous. Chika thinks that was already two years ago. Takezou greets everyone a Happy New Year and says that he can go with them this afternoon. “This year, yoroshiku! [please take care of me]” This made Chika smile. He replies, when, where.
Takezou is the first one to arrive at the train station where they’ll meet up. Hiro arrives and calls out to him. After they exchange Happy New Year greetings, Takezou comments that it is a bit cold today. He notices sparkling Hiro looking at him.

She is thinking that it is amazing that she can see him at the start of the New Year... Takezou laughs and says that she is really cute when wearing [everyday] clothes. The two look surprise and say, ‘oh’ at each other. Takezou blushes and says ah, no. He thinks that he had carelessly said it out. Very happy that she’s shining, blushing teary-eyed Hiro thanks him.

They were interrupted by someone shouting, ah, look, in the end, it’s at that side. Another person shouts that they found Takezou and Hiro. Chika scolds Satowa that she would even say, ‘it is alright because I went to this station before’ when she is going at the opposite direction, you direction challenged idiot!
Satowa retorts back that he’s too noisy and didn’t she catch up. Kouta tells the two not to quarrel. Takezou asks if they came here together. Chika says no, they met halfway and afterwards, because of Satowa, they made a huge detour.

Satowa says that it is his fault for following her. Chika asks what she said. Satowa says what. Takezou tells them to forget about that. “We can walk to Takinami-sensei’s house for around 10 minutes from here, right?” Sane says that’s right.

Hiro says that she looks forward to it because it is the first time she’ll go to a teacher’s house to greet him Happy New Year! “But, for sensei to unexpectedly agree for us to go. I would think that we definitely won’t get his consent.” Kouta goes, eh? “But we didn’t get his approval?” Takezou, Hiro and Satowa go ha!!??
In front of a building, Chika says that it is here. Kouta says that IT SEEMS to be! Hiro scolds him that they cannot just go there without giving prior notice. “Will sensei let us in!? First of all, is he even there!?” On the phone, Takezou says that Suzuka isn’t answering his phone.

Chika says fine and what they are making a fuss about. He asks for the room number. Someone says, 701. Chika presses the intercom for room 701. Ding dong. A woman answers, “Coming-♪ Who is it?” After a pause of disbelief, Chika and others look aghast for it is a woman’s voice!!!!

Kouta goes in front of the video intercom and says, about that. Suzuka calls out to say what, who is it? The woman says that there are so many kids. Suzuka looks at the video and becomes aghast. He asks why they are... The woman calls out if they are Suzuka’s students!? Sane and Michi are blushing for the woman is calling Suzuka’s first name.
The woman says that they’re so cute- “Quickly come in-” Suzuka says ah, stupid, don’t... And, the main door opens. Aghast Hiro says that it feels that right now, it won’t be suitable for them to go. Aghast Takezou says that isn’t Suzuka single so forget if it is his mother but if it is his girlfriend, then it is totally awkward...

Kouta asks what the two of them are talking about. Kouta and the others shout that upon seeing an open door, a guy should go in!!! They quickly dash into the door and shout that it feels that what’s going to happen next is quite fun!!! Takezou screams for them not to cause trouble.

In front of room 701’s door, they ring the doorbell and greet Suzuka a Happy New Year-!! Kouta and the others freak out upon seeing super angry looking Suzuka. He angrily asks what they are doing. While Kouta hides behind him, Takezou nervously apologizes and says that actually they want to pay him a New Year visit.
Suzuka says that if it is like that, normally, shouldn’t they first notify him and that’s basic etiquette— Putting her hands on his shoulder, a woman, wearing a bathrobe, tells Suzuka to forget about that, since it isn’t such a huge thing that he has to be so angry. “They came on such a cold day so quickly let them in.”

Blushing Sane and Michi immediately nosebleed. Blushing Kouta fakes covering his eyes. Chika looks amused as Satowa is surprised by his reaction. Hiro immediately tries to cover Takezou’s eyes. Turning around as they felt that their heart is going to quickly explode, Sane says that he is sorry for disturbing them and they’ll be leaving.

Suzuka angrily asks what they are thinking. “This is my older sister.” The sister is teary-eyed from laughing that they nosebled. She says that they’re so cute. Suzuka angrily tells her to quickly dress up and how can she dress up like that for others to see.

The sister angrily shouts what kind of tone he is using towards his sister. Sane wipes his nose and says, older sister...it turns out to be like that. The sister tells them not to be shy and come in even if there is nothing much in the house.
Takezou nervously says that they’ll be intruding. Kouta says that this is Suzuka’s house. The sister tells them to sit wherever they like. Takezou thanks her. Michi asks if there’s no furnace. Suzuka says no. Chika sits on the sofa. He laughs and says that this sofa is so comfortable.

Takezou asks if Suzuka lives together with his sister. Suzuka asks how that is possible. “She is at my place because she came to Japan for work.” Takezou asks, ‘come to Japan’. Suzuka tells them that his home is in Germany. Sane and Michi think that if there is an opportunity, they would also want to say that once, ‘my home is in Germany’.

Scratching his head, Suzuka says that he is going to change his clothes so don’t recklessly move his things around. Kouta says that there’s no need to change since they don’t mind. Suzuka angrily says that he minds. After he left, the sister says that Suzuka is still the same.
“He doesn’t wanting others to see his weakness. Isn’t it better for him to open up a little bit to others?” With blushing Michi who is also looking away, Sane says no, she is a bit too open that they don’t know where to look. [<-because she is still wearing a bathrobe]

Kouta asks her what her name is. The sister says that it is Kiyoka and he can call her Kiyo-chan. Michi muses that Kouta is amazing. Kouta says since it was said that she came to Japan for work so specifically, what does she do. Kiyo smiles and says that she plays the piano. Sane exclaims that she is a pianist.

Satowa asks if she is the pianist Amamiya Kiyoka. Kiyo exclaims that she knows her. Satowa says that it is because her family name isn’t the same with Suzuka so she didn’t notice it. Kiyo says that Amamiya is her husband’s family name. “I have a concert last December at Tokyo so I’m staying here.”
Kouta says is that so, he would really want to go and listen [to her performance]! Kiyo laughs and asks if they are students in Suzuka’s class. “Honestly speaking, I always felt that guy would absolutely not blend in with students so this is quite unexpected.”

Takezou says that they are members of the koto club and they usually play koto together. “Takinami-sensei is the koto club’s adviser.” Shocked Kiyo stands up and shouts, “Ha!!? Eh, what’s going on!? He can play the koto!? He taught you guys!?”

Takezou says no, a teacher outside from school is the one teaching them koto. “Sensei composes for us and also primarily, he would give us guidance about music.” Kiyo laughs and says is that so. She sits down and says that it turns out to be like that.

Takezou asks if he didn’t say anything to her. Kiyo says that he won’t say anything. “No wonder there are so many traditional music CD and music sheets around the room. ...Not only that, there is also Suzuka’s composed music...” She recalls seeing a composition of Suzuka.
She also recalls the time when she asked him if he likes music and he replied that he does so he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. Kiyo says that until now, he was avoiding getting in contact with music.

“I thought that it is because he still has some reluctance to go and compose. It turns out to be like this. That piece was made just for you guys. *everyone looks surprised as she smiles* I cannot imagine for him to compose for someone...it seems like he finally encountered— [something] that can move his heart DEEP--”

Angry Suzuka immediately covers her mouth and locks her out the balcony. Banging on the glass door, she angrily shouts how he can treat his sister like this. Suzuka angrily says who told her to say nonsense things.
Kiyo keeps on shouting to immediately open the door for she cannot catch a cold-- Turning around to see the others blushing and smiling with Chika sneering, Suzuka angrily says that they have such disgusting to death expressions. Soon, some drinks are served and Kiyo had also dressed up.

Suzuka sits down and asks why they come over to his place. Takezou says that they come to greet him a Happy New Year and also to show their determination. This perks up the siblings. He continues to say that after the preliminaries, Suzuka said that before the New Year, they would resume regular practice.

“Right now, it is already New Year. We want to increase our practice. We know that the Nationals is harsher than the preliminaries but our goal is to become number 1 so we want to give our utmost best. So, sensei, in this New Year, please continue to push us to learn. Please!!!”
Then, they all bow. Kiyo whistles. Suzuka says ya. Takezou says ah, doesn’t he have anything else to say. Suzuka says that right, he has something to say and that is, shouldn’t it be better for them to go and say that to Akira. Takezou says of course, and they’ll go to her place later on to greet her.

Suzuka says is that so, then that’s good. “Then, there is something that I want to ask of you guys. Whether it is club activity or practice, I hope that you guys won’t treat it like an OBLIGATION.” Takezou and others are puzzled. Takezou asks if that’s all. Suzuka says that’s all.

Takezou says okay, they understand... Kiyo smiles and thinks that Suzuka is saying hard to understand words again. Soon, Takezou and others bid the siblings goodbye. Kiyo says that she’ll look for them when she comes back to Japan.
Suzuka sighs and says that they finally left. Kiyo laughs and says that those kids really make one happy. Whistling as she goes back inside, Kiyo says that she’s thinking that perhaps Suzuka gives her a different feeling after not seeing him for a long time. “It turns out to be like this

Suzuka asks what she meant by that. Kiyo giggles and says that it is nothing. “But, it’s so amazing that they had unexpectedly advanced to the Nationals! I really want to listen to their performance-” Sitting on the sofa with her, Suzuka says that they have a concert on the 7th but she is going back tomorrow.

Kiyo sighs and says, ya, so where are they performing. Suzuka says Kawasaki shopping mall. This surprises her. She says that after getting into the Nationals, the next venue is a shopping mall. She smiles and says, “-ah, that is really worth seeing even if I have no way of watching it.” Suzuka smiles as he seems his drink.
While walking, Sane talks about how surprise they are that they were able to meet Suzuka’s sister. Kouta says that it’s so fun but also, we get to learn a lot about stuff regarding music. Michi says that’s right, they get to know ‘charm’ at some extent.

Someone says that’s right. Flashback: Kiyo exclaimed what, charm. She looked at Suzuka who is looking away and said that he would ask for something quite high!? Kouta asked her if she has any good advice. Kiyo said yes, then let her tell him something. “ASK that AGAIN AFTER a 100 YEARS.” End flashback.

Michi says that he wants to give up. Satowa tells him that thoroughly understanding ‘charm’ isn’t at all simple. Takezou says that they first don’t mind that, because they have to first set out to do the things that they can do to the best of their ability. Chika says in short, they must succeed in their concert on the 7th. Takezou says ya, that’s right.
On the 7th, at the shopping center, the organizer welcomes Suzuka and the others. He thanks them for coming. He introduces himself as Yamamura. Suzuka introduces himself and greets him back. Yamamura apologizes since it is a rare winter vacation and it’s hard to transport their musical instruments.

He leads them to the stage. While walking, Chika notices something at the side. He sparkles as he sees a huge stage with audience waiting in front. In front, it is written, ‘Spring Live!’ Chika shouts awesome, is that the stage where they’ll be performing.

While the others also looks surprised, Sane shouts if they are celebrities already and they are already so famous. Blushing Michi says that if they were going to perform in that place, perhaps, they’ll carelessly run into their fellow students. Sane says that this will usher peach season again?? [<- ‘moteki’ is for a period of time where one becomes popular with the opposite sex.]
Suzuka calls out to them and says that they are making a mistake. “Look clearly. On top of that is ‘Spring Live!’ you are guy are in ‘Spring CONCERT’. *they are puzzled* The stage is over there.” Chika and others look at the side to see a pitiful mat placed on the hallway with a board that says ‘Spring Concert’.

Everyone look disappointed. They start to look around as Chika says that they didn’t see it, they didn’t see anything. Making Chika look at the mat, Suzuka tells him to look clearly. “This is reality. That is today’s stage.” Then, some kids are rolling and playing on the mat. This irked Chika.

He angrily shouts if Suzuka is kidding for what part of that is like a stage!! “No matter how one looks at it, it is a normal pedestrian hallway!!” Suzuka says there is a board that seriously says, ‘Spring Concert’ above it. Pointing at the side, Chika shouts the benches for the audience are only two!!
Preparing to go to the other side, Chika shouts “That is such a rare gorgeous stage so we are also going to perform there!!” Yamamura tensely apologizes. He says that prepared stage at the side is for a popular local junior high rock and roll band. He urges them to please go to this side.

Chika darkly asks if he is saying that the unpopular them should just be satisfied over that side. Yamamura tries to explain but Chika is angrily saying that they were obviously the ones who invited them over?? Yamamura is freaking out that Suzuka hits Chika on the head and tells him to stop it.

With a smile, Suzuka tells Yamamura that was rude a while ago. “It is totally fine. Please let us perform here today. *Chika tries to protest* Okay, you guys quickly go prepare.” Yamamura leaves for a while and says that he’ll leave things to them. Michi asks what’s up with the distance to that other stage and even if the time isn’t long, they had practiced...
Kouta asks if they can hear the koto from here. Takezou says that they’ll lend them microphones for the time being but then, to play koto here, it is really a terrible surrounding. Satowa asks if it is so. Takezou is puzzled. Satowa says that on contrary, THIS KIND OF surrounding ignites her fighting spirit.

Soon, it was announced that the Tokize koto club is going to perform and they are the ones who got to advance into the Nationals. “It’s so amazing, right-!! Such an amazing group will now give us three musical pieces! Wow- applause applause-! Everyone, let’s go through such a graceful experience via the koto, okay--”

Aghast Michi asks who is everybody!!? Kouta thinks that there are only two benches and there is not one person on it... Sane wonders who’ll sit so near to watch a performance... “...by the way, *the three cover their faces* It’s so shameful that we don’t have face to look others.”
Chika curses and wonders how it could be like this. “After we got the eligibility to go to the Nationals, I felt that we had become a bit amazing yet how come unexpectedly it become like we had gone back to the time when we played Ryuu Hoshi Gun...

...No, right now, compared to that time more, the listening audience is more—Ah, the listening audience...” They see a guy suddenly sitting on the bench while talking on the phone, “Ya, it’s true, it’s true, it’s like that---” Then a boy calls out to Takezou and asks what is that [<- koto], it’s so strange.

Another kid repeats that really weird, really weird. Chika angrily stands up which caused the kids to run away. Takezou tells Chika to calm down for they are kids. Then, someone calls out for the people to enjoy this January tune. Someone shouts that the wagon [/trolly something like fukubukuro?] sale is going to start.
Chika and others are aghast. The announcement says that inside the trolley is 500 yen worth of merchandise. “If you’re quickly, you’ll get something. If you’re slow, you won’t--” Women are rushing towards the store. A woman says that they’ll check it out since she heard it only cost 500 yen.

Another woman said that the clothes there are very cute. Soon, there are a lot of excited women and screaming kids. There is a sale at PLST store. A woman is calling out to customers at another store about a limited sale starting at 12 noon, and it is about to start—

Hiro and others are aghast over the commotion all over the place. Yamamura sheepishly apologizes to Suzuka because of the bad timing. He finds it strange for the various shop should have been notified... Suzuka says no, this is the most amazing surrounding.
Comment: Regarding the first part, was that Udzuki mentioned before? I mean, was he part of the gang that attacked his grandfather? It makes me think that he’ll appear again later on in the series. Unless, the point of the first part is to just to compare how Chika spent New Year before and present.

I’m really curious though how did Kouta and others find out where Suzuka lived. Suzuka definitely won’t tell them so is that available in some file in school or telephone directory? Well, we got a cute lovey-dovey scene between Takezou and Hiro. Apparently, it is indeed both liking each other but they didn’t know it was mutual.

How they met Kiyo is quite funny. I find it amusing how different she is from Suzuka. Actually, if it is only based on looks, one would think that they are about the same age. ^^; Of course, Suzuka is just way too serious so that probably makes him seem older.

Thanks to the visit, Kiyo knows what her younger brother is currently up to. It would be nice if she does get to watch Tokize play to know what captivated Suzuka about their music. Well, the much awaited New Year concert is not turning what they expected. Though, I think Satowa knows the intention for it or rather, she finds this situation a challenge for her.  

Well, from the looks of it, they would have to pull out their ‘charm’ here to make everyone drop what they are doing and listen to them. Actually, this experience had probably brought their ego a bit down because in reality, koto isn’t that popular compared to rock music and of course, sales in a shopping mall. So, let’s see how they are going to pull it off. Scans by 二次元秘店化組

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      True, true and it's a good..rather great attitude.

      - - -

      Ah...quite infuriating and frustrating.

      - - -

      Oh, I see. Someone might be waiting for some grease money or the other party is already doing that to delay the case.

      - - -

      True...something like a 'delinquent' for not following the system.

      Sure, no problem ^^

      - - -

      I see. I guess in a way, after everything, it won't be easy to sympathize with him?

      Lol. True, I guess the mangaka wants to say that they are all 'victims' and there's no real right or wrong.

      Lol, true. So perhaps 8-10 years old?

      - - -

      Oh, crushing a bug. I thought she was just rubbing her shoe into the ground again and again. True. I think it was shown that she is kind of hesitant.

      Hehe...I guess developing what the manga hinted afterwards. I would also think it's those two since well...she seem to have more 'connection' with them than the Reiner and Berthold that it was somewhat surprising that they were suppose to be a 'team'.

      Thanks though I probably won't read it. For some reason, AoT doesn't interest me that much anymore for me to want me to read 'side stories'. ^^;;

      - -

      Ah, then, take a good rest. Hopefully you'll find that med with zero to minimal side effects...haha, hopefully cheap too if it's possible. Take care and good luck with the sick leave if you haven't gotten it yet. ^^

  5. You should really take it easy, remember, this site and this work, as amazing and wonderfuls as it is, it's still a hobby, there's no need for you to go 'overyouserlf', though that's kinda nice, I'll give you that, lol. Rest more and take of some meds, if they still making you worse, you should see another doc at once. In my case, is, complicated since I take so many to so much things, nerves, muscles, neurologitc, pain, depression and so on... but there're some side effects that gives reflux too, or a very hard dizziness that I tend not to move for a very good while in order no to fall. Or risk another falling. And there's no med for me that isn't expensive, such is my luck, but like I said, won't complain. I refuse to complain, lol.

    So, just take it easy.^^
    If that Adzuki guy messes with any ship he'll have it coming, I tell ya, lol. Hope he doesn't transfer in, just appear to cause other trouble, though, given the tropes, he's more likely to transfer, sadly.

    Ah, Take just looks like a dense guy, but he's not. And he can read the mood too, Chika can't, so is all good with our protagonists, lol. Normally they're dense, can't read the mood and all, while Chika is the dense one, Take is the 'fierce', though sometimes Chika notices things and act upon it like when he was introduced or when Take's in trouble. I like the fact that this chap make it so he'd only laugh easy after Take sent the msg, like, Take is somewhat very connected to his change and love for koto too.
    I don't know if what they want is bribe or they just incompetents or don't care at all, but I'm indeed seem as a delinquent/rebel 'cause I go against the system in most cases where it's downright wrong, but, I gave up, I simply don't have any more strentgh atm.

    And unfortunately, my spine got worse due to all this waiting, one of the vertebrae is sliding out of it, so that's why I've been even worse.
    I don't know, but they don't act their age, that's for sure. And obviously, that's 'cause of the world they live makes them 'mature' faster, but still. 10y in the army already? I mean, there's a rl case in europe, if I'm not mistaken the boy was 9/10 when he enlisted, but well, the author doesn't help us with his art so is hard to tell their age, lol.

    I think it's a bug. First I saw I thought she was coughing, but she didn't wipe her mouth or nose, so I read again and thought to myself that gotta be a bug or something she's smashing. I can't make sense otherwise, like, if she was just rubbing her shoe again and again... it could indicate she's nervous, but she really didn't look like, and the whole manga she's always cold, even when her world fall apart and she was discovered she remained as cold as possbile so... And yea, I'd suggest the reading only if you really are a fan of Annie and Mikasa, if not... If only I had it known it was fan translated, I wouldn't have bought, lol.
    Thanks, I have other check up next week, and the perit too, and another exam, but thanks. You get better soon, too.

    1. Thanks ^-^ I had been doing that. I'm feeling a bit better but it is erratic at times. Just when I thought I'm on my way to recovery, something is acting up. It got me all confused. For now, no more stuffy nose so that's one down. It's just some cough and sore throat.

      Thanks again for the concern ^^ Really appreciate it ^^

      Ah, seems like a lot of meds. And do you need more meds to counter the side effects? It's really eating through the wallet. But true, medicines are quite expensive.

      - - -

      Hehe, hopefully not. True.


      - - -

      It is actually really hard what you are doing. In a way, it makes me think like it is principles vs life/quality of life. ^^;

      Oh, that's bad. Hopefully, they will finally realize that you need that surgery asap.

      - - -

      Well, there are cases of child soldiers here. They are recruited by rebel groups. Lately, there are these rebels supposedly approved by IS causing trouble down south.

      According to a news report: 'Most of the fighters with with Maute and Abu Sayyaf are in their 20s, but there is evidence to suggest that boys as young as four are being used as soldiers on the frontline.'

      'A police official, who had joining foot soldiers in the battle zone moving from one house to another in search of Maute remnants, was caught by surprise when their group was able to encounter a 10-year-old Maute member holding a rifle.'

      '...encountered less than a dozen child warriors with age ranging from 10 to 16 years old. According to the police officer investigating the child warrior recruitment, he said that these young children are trained to ambush the soldiers.'

      Just like in AoT, they have to be brainwashed:
      'They're recruiting my grandsons. They're convincing the children, when you die, you will go straight to heaven.'

      'A Department of Labor study entitled "Child Soldiers in the Philippines" by Merliza Makinano notes different groups, have different uses and methods of recruiting child combatants. For the Abu Sayyaf, minors are used not only as combatants but also as human shields and hostages. It promises young recruits a salary, firearms, and even scholarship abroad.'

      - - -

      I see. Oh...bought. Hopefully, it isn't that expensive for a fan translation ^^

      - - -

      Good luck with your check up ^^ Hopefully, they'll finally fix you up to get you better again.

      Thanks ^^

    2. Getting better, then? Slowly, but surely?
      Yes, I don't remember right now, but I think it's about ten or so med that I need to take. Some have pretty devastating side effects like I mentioned earlier, but I noticed that it only is hard when I can't eat, if I have anything in my stomach, all meds seem to not make such impact/effect, unfortunately, that counts the painkillers too.
      I always thought it's more like my selfishness than any other thing. It just that I can't stand those things, but right now, I can spare the time nor the effort to buy the fight anymore, so, while I don't pretend I'm not seeing, I don't pursuit it anylonger.
      Wow, I didn't know you guys suffered that guerrila/militia sh*t too. Nor did I know about those problems with 'recruitings' kids. We have some here, but it's overlooked since is on the more poor states and it happens more on the boarders with others countries like Colombia and Bolivia, not nearly as bad as those criminals posing as rebels and dictators in Africa.

      But as for Shingeki, I was referring to an actually national army, you know?

      Though, these gerrilla things are other subject that make me lose my cool.
      No, no. I bought the official release 'cause I didn't find any scan that I could read, only one in french, but even my italian is better than my french and that's because I need to be with a dictionary at hand to try to read anything, lol. And then, out of nowhere, I found the fan translation in english, so, if only I had known that site before, I wouldn't have bought, though the official one is far easier to read with a more polished grammar and phrasing.
      Yea, I got the sick leave, thankgod, but everything that could go wrong went, lol. The car broke minutes before leaving, my credit card stopping working 'cause it was blocked on an assumption that it was cloned so I couldn't pay the driver to take me there, I forgot one of my documents, and the cards were really cloned so now have to cancel 'em and so on. But, I got the sick leave. Now I just need to work the strenthg to start all over, once again. but it all good.

    3. Yup ^^ Just a bit of sore throat and seldom cough. On the way to recovery...a bit slowly than a 'normal' person =P

      - -

      That's not good. Ah, but if you quit the painkillers, will the pain be more painful or just the same?

      - - -

      I see.

      - - -

      Yup, too many rebels either the communist kind or the radicals though honestly, they aren't fighting for their cause especially the communist ones since they are into kidnapping, theft, extortion, etc in the provinces. Some of them have already infiltrated the government and well, they always hold rallies over almost everything in the capital. ^^;

      Do you have stuff like peace talks? It is usually initiated then there is a ceasefire but they usually are the ones who kill the military/cause trouble first then blame the military for it. It is a never-ending cycle.

      Oh. Now that you mention it, I guess the Eldian race are diminishing due to war that they have to use kids. I was going to mention low birth rate but I guess it won't happen since they believe that they have to 'clean off' their reputation with the kids fighting the enemy.

      So, what is the guerrilla there fighting for? Here, well, they want to rule the government or want a piece of the land.

      - - -

      Oh, I see. ^^ Well, it should if it's the official release. I recall how people made fun of the US translations of manga especially when they were 'Americanized' to fit the audience.

      - - -

      Congrats ^^ Wow, such a hassle but in the end, thankfully, you got it ^^ So, you went back and forth twice? Hopefully, the queue isn't that long. Did you ride uber since you mentioned credit card? Unless taxi there accept it. I do wonder how your card got cloned. Usually, it is done in the place where you last used it.

    4. I wouldn't say slower than normal, I mean, when I get sick - cold or anything like it - it takes a very long time to recover, such as nobody says that they ever saw me in full health, since when it'd seem like I'd get better, there I man, sick again, lol.
      Yea, without the painkillers the pain is unbearable. It just never stops, with painkillers it helps a little bit, but it keeps punging my back and nerves 'till it gets to the calves.
      Man, I didn't know that it was like that, really. I knew it had some conflicts, but never'd thought it'd be to such scale. I'm speechless.

      Normally these kinds of fights have no right, only wrong and they don't even fight for an instance, or something they believe. It's power and only it. Such sad thing. And no, like I said, here the midia and everybody else just ignores and pretends it doesn't happens 'cause the fierce fight occurs at the boarders with other countries, so they blame others and tell it's not our people nor or cause. Now it's been having a lot of drug issue with Paraguai and cities near both boarders. But there's never any kind of talk about militia/guerrilla. In Colombia are drug cartels against the gov, against the rebels against the cartels and so on. They'd say justice, but I see none whatsoever, so I can't say what they fight for without being a cinic.
      Yea, and I guess that's why no one turned against the marley yet. I mean, if Reiner was to rebel, who could stop him? Only the beast one, since they don't have military war power and relie too much on titan power, but now only Reiner are really powerful.

      What always leave me in confusion is, how could they know Eren's was the one they were after, if before the first attack and even second attack nobody did? I mean, they got to know in the second and then just decided on their own they should take Eren, since the beast wasn't in the picture yet? I'm too lazy to look back, like I said, Shingeki is good, but not enough to warrant another read, lol.

      There're some that are horrible. The viz midia used to be pretty bad, now I don't know since I don't really buy anything from them, just this time and it's not them.
      Yea, such war, lol. Now just gotta prepare for another one. No, the car broke before we could leave, so I just went once and got back, but it was hell. It seems it was cloned when I lent to my mom so she could buy some new blankets, and then, blocked. Called the bank and they said they blocked 'cause of the high possibility of being cloned, and told some places that it was used and neither my mom or I recognized, so we think it was cloned.

      Yea, by uber, but to get back it by taxi, some of them accept credit cards. I can't ride bus or any other transport than a 'private' car, and even then I get so sick and in so much pain that it's almost a sacrifice, no matter the distance.

    5. Wow, really. Well, 'normal' for the people around me is becoming fully well from cold within a week. When I'm in 'totally healthy' mode, I actually get tense if it is the 'calm before the storm'. ^^;

      - - -

      I see. Was it a stinging pain or kind of numbing-type like a cramp from overexercise?

      - - -

      Yup, it is more like an excuse, as they say. Interesting...rebels against cartels. I see, so 'everything is okay' since it is 'outside/at the borders'.

      - - -

      That's right.

      I think they knew Eren was the one they are after when he first turned into a titan. Well, he isn't the original but well, still one of the 7 was it. So, they have to get him back to get his power.

      In the first attack, I think it was just to infiltrate inside. The second attack is after assimilation and knowing more what's going on inside, try to make any human-titan come out so that they can nab him. That is when Eren transformed. Ah, perhaps, they are also after the original so Annie went ahead to go to that division within the inner walls. Well, aside from to keep her true identity a secret.

      Now that you mention it, I wonder why they wanted Historia/Krista. For experiments, since she is a royalty? Ymir thought that she was more in danger inside than outside? Of course, she changed her mind later on. Forgot the reason ^^;;

      I see.

      - - -

      Ah, if it was like that, do you still have to pay those unauthorized purchases or it will be the credit card company's problem? The ones who cloned it must be trying to make some huge purchases that it had alerted the company.

      Oh ya, it's interesting that your mom can use your credit card. So, the salesperson don't read it like it's a guy's name? Usually, here, if it is sharing/lending cards, it has to be the same gender unless the place is strict.

      Interesting...why? Because you have to climb up the bus or those other transports are reckless drivers. Here, they are very reckless and mostly self-taught =P How did they got their license...bribe.

    6. Sorry for the very late reply, ran into one helluva back down here, things are a bit too crazy so, really sorry. Almost got myself hospitalized and there were some days that I couldn't even get off the bed.
      Aah, I know the feeling. Not that I know how it is to be 100%, but whenever I'm feeling okayish, I just know something is about to happen, lol.
      Stinging, very cold, very intense and it's neverending. Most of the times it seems like it's not only stinging, but messing all around inside my back. It hurts, a lot.
      Yea, it's just the fighting for fighting, not like the rebels are really rebels or want to take down the cartels and what not. It's for power. They say it's for a safe place, but I'm too old to buy that. And yea again, since it doesn't really get to the most populated cities, they don't really care.
      Tbh, I don't remember most of it. The things I do all clash with the things we know so I get the feeling of plothole/conveniency and the likes, but what you said has it's merit and I guess it may be just like that and I'm looking for something that never was there to begin with, lol.

      Ymir later realised what was going to happen if she took Krista with her to outside, but she did think first that she wasn't safe inside because there'd always going to be assassinations and etc, but she quickly changed her mind afterwards, and that's what gets to me, if she so desired, she could remain inside the wall and fu** Reiner and Berthold, but she chose them over Krista, fully knowing she'd die, so... It gets me confused, lol.
      It'd be my problem if I don't cancelled and blocked right way. After doing that, the purchase is called off, most of the times. Yea, I think so too, my friend said it happened with her just like you said.

      She can't. I mean, she shouldn't be, but around here, no one really cares if they're getting paid. The right thing to do it'd be to let her borrow my credit card with my id card and a handwritten signed authorization, only then she'd be able to. Buuuuut, if one has the credit, it's really rare to someone verify those info, unless there's a problem with the credit card.

      Both and I myself can't handle transportation anymore. Get motion sickness, can't barely breathe as the roads here are quite bad, even if you drive well and carefully. I see, here we have those too, and tbh, most of them are, at least, in my family, most of the drivers bought their license, they don't even try to hide, lol.

    7. It's okay. I'm glad you're fine now ^^ Ah, better than those days... Ah hospitalized for another ailment?

      - - -

      Lol, you too, huh.

      - - -

      Ah, that must be like a perpetual torture.

      - - -

      I see. But, it is a problem for less populated areas, right? I think it is like here, as long as it doesn't directly affect them, they don't care about others.

      - - -

      Haha, that's not good. It is like for you, AoT is forgettable. Though like you, I'm not keen on re-reading it.

      True. What's with the atonement stuff. Given her background, I think it would be more logical for her to stay with them.

      So, what do you think of the new chapter? Hehe, aside from ah, it's mostly about Reiner again. =P Actually, from the looks of it, the mangaka is juxtaposing him and Eren as two opposing view of points/growing in/out of the island.

      That female titan scene confused me a bit. I thought it was at present time. ^^;

      - - -

      I see. I recall my uncle from US when to China and bought something using his credit card. After a few days, he was alerted by the company that someone is using his credit card in China, iirc. You know what's shocking about it?

      That credit card isn't the same on he used and actually, it was left in the US. It was kept in a drawer. So, we are thinking that there is some mafia of some sort that traced all of his available credit cards and tried to use some other credit card. Like some really good hacker?

      I see. But interesting, it is okay with an authorization. Here, we usually have a supplementary card. Of course, I don't know if others are doing it. I know my sister is doing it but it's her in-law who is using it. As I mentioned, usually, it is the same gender.

      Before, they tried to put a picture of the owner of the credit card on the card. I wonder why they stopped it. Hm...privacy issues?

      Lol, I see. That actually happens to me when there's traffic. Maybe it is a bit of claustrophobia of some sort. Like stuck in traffic for 1-2 hours. I get agitated that I would ask, can I just walk.

    8. No, I just got too bad that people were wondering if they should get me hospitalized. Didn't happen 'cause we're low on cash and I said no way in every kind of hell that I'd be willing to be hospitalized in a public one, nor would I take money from anyone to get me to a private hosp. Anyways, I'm feeling a bit better, but still, yea.

      It is, even when sleeping there still the stinging, only when I'm really knocked out unconscious that I don't feel it, lol.
      Ofc, but it's like you said, as long as it doesn't stir up any sh* around the capitals, no one cares.
      I'm really fed up with this trying too hard to make Reiner a loser kid with a sad past, just like everyone else, being driven into a corner by the whole world against him and w/e. Like I said before, it's too late for me, I can't have any sympathy for him.

      Yea, and by the looks of it, she was manufactured, like, it's not really her power, it's the power the was put into her, that's why she's so 'flexible'. A bit about this, since it seems to undermine Annie's skills, but w/e too, lol.
      Yea, I think they can have you're background nowadays with so few data about you that's scary to think about it, honestly.

      Mind explaining the suplementary card a bit? It got me curious. It's like, I'm the owner of the account bank and that I can ask for more card with anyone's else name on it, like my family, but I'd still have to pay for w/e they buy? If so, we have that too, but I don't really see much people using it.

      I think it's just too much of a hassle for them, besides, that would cost more money to make everyone's card like that.
      I don't really have any phobia tbh, it's just I'm in really bad shape that makes it almost impossible for me to handle. I feel nausea, dizziness and so on, but I don't have any kind of phobia. The only one I have isn't really a phobia, it's more like, dislike, about needles and injections, lol.

    9. Ah...is it also because the root cause isn't going to be dealt with even if you get hospitalized? I mean, you already know what is the solution so I hope I'm not offending or anything but I would probably think the same way because being hospitalized will just be a waste of money.

      I do understand that your family is definitely worried. I also understand your point. I heard stories here about going in very deep debt because of a family member's illness and yes, they'll do everything to save that person. And, for me, hehe, I do feel guilty at times at the amount of money that they're spending for my medicine.

      Nevertheless, it is great that you are now feeling better. So, it was an 'spasm-type of attack'? Ah, that bad huh. Knocked unconscious from lack of sleep/tired or medicine?

      - - -

      I see. Well, that's how things are.

      - - -

      Hehe...too late huh.

      You lost me there. 'she' is female titan? Hm...in what way does it undermine her skills?

      - - -

      True. I recall that whenever there are some expo/raffles here, they usually ask name address telephone. It was rumored that they use those data by selling them to companies. So, at random times before, someone calls usually bank wanting to sell or offer some promo.

      It is kind of creepy/paranoia since you don't know them but they know your name and phone. Sometimes, I would go and ask how did you get this number. The caller would hesitate and say that it was given to them. Sometimes, there are those who are very persistent.

      They kept on blabbing even if I said I'm not interested. For some reason, I find it rude to hang up. ^^; Then, they get irritated because after all the blah blah, I still didn't buy even if I repeatedly said I don't need it.

      - -

      Yes. The other family member will have their own card but everything they buy will be charged on your/the principal account.

      Here, it's free so...actually, it depends on the bank. I think the supplement is just for four people with a certain amount of money that can be charged on the card. I don't know about the credit cards companies there, but here, they keep on having promos and practically asking customers to loan to buy more stuff.

      Sometimes, we wonder if their business is bad or something. ^^;

      - - -

      I think when one is sick, it does happen. When I was having dialysis, being in a car with traffic drives me nuts. It's like being in some sort of torture chamber. Hehe...but it is just a prick. As they tell me before, it is like being bitten by an ant. Lol

    10. You're not offending, not at all, rest at ease. It's as you said, I knew that I'd just 'be treated' for the symptoms I was showing: high pain, discomfort, nausea and dizzyness, they wouldn't treat the real cause of everything. Besides, being in a public hospital over here is a gamble, you risk getting even more sick, as with infections and such.

      Yes and both, I can only 'sleep' when very, very tired due to being too much time awake and taking too much strong meds.
      Too late for me, but I bet there're people enjoying. I meant, I thought all female titans skills were Annie's. She had discovered how on her own, but as shown in this chapter, it's heavily implied that she was entirely manufactured. Her skills were produced and then passed to her by the 'scientists', and not a natural feature of the female that Annie had to master, like Eren's trying with his 'Attacker'.
      I'm quite the brute/rude person when talking with them. I said no, by the time I'm saying for no again I ask if them don't know what no means, lol. And it's the same here, people call out of nowhere too.
      I see, here's the same. The promos are just to people get more cards and pay more annualities and taxes, at least is over here.
      Yea, I get pretty bad in any motion, and you add that with bad roads and awful traffic, you get sick people getting even more sick.

    11. Oh, I see. It made me recall the time I was hospitalized for such type of symptoms due to tuberculosis medicine even as I told you, I don't have it. I mentioned that to the doctor but she insisted that I be hospitalized for observation. And sure enough, all symptoms are gone when I stopped those medicines. ^^;;;

      Actually, public or private, it is a gamble from what I hear here. There are always stories that someone just went for a check-up especially the elderly. They caught some germs usually pneumonia type. And, soon after, bye-bye. So, a healthy elderly ended up dead due to a hospital check-up.

      It makes those who have phobias with doctors avoid them at all cost. Of course, the opposite is, something might not be discovered early on and well, it would be too late. The end result is the same.

      - - -

      I see. Just like how Eren got the crystal thing due to that injection.

      - - -

      Haha, that's actually how it should be done. Oh...so, it's the same.

      - - -

      I see. I recall one company give you a free bucket of popcorn if you apply for their credit card.

      - - -